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Best Crops to Grow In A Hoophouse in The Summer

A hoophouse, also known as a high tunnel or polytunnel, is a valuable tool for gardeners and farmers seeking to extend their growing season. Especially during summer, certain crops thrive in the controlled environment a hoophouse provides, flourishing under its protection from harsh weather conditions and pests. This blog will delve into the best crops to cultivate in a hoophouse during the summer. From heat-loving vegetables to fast-growing greens, we'll explore a variety of crops that can not only withstand, but benefit from, the warm temperatures and added humidity in a hoophouse. With careful planning and the right crop selection, your hoophouse can become a bountiful oasis even in the peak of summer.

Why Use a Hoophouse in The Summer?

Using a hoophouse in the summer offers numerous advantages. The enclosed environment provides a controlled climate, mitigating overly hot conditions and maintaining optimal humidity levels. It also acts as a protective barrier against summer pests, reducing crop damage and stress. Moreover, the hoophouse facilitates the growth of certain heat-loving crops that may struggle outdoors. These crops can flourish inside the hoophouse, taking advantage of the warm, moist conditions to accelerate their growth and yield. Additionally, with a hoophouse, you can stagger your planting, allowing for a continuous harvest throughout the summer and beyond. Thus, a hoophouse is not just a protective structure; it's a tool for maximizing your crop yield and extending the growing season.

What Should I Grow?

When you're deciding what to grow in your hoophouse this summer, there are a number of excellent options. Let's take a detailed look at some of the best options for your hoophouse this summer.


Tomatoes are an excellent choice for a summer hoophouse. Growing tomatoes in a hoophouse extends their production period, allowing you to enjoy fresh, ripe tomatoes for a longer duration. From cherry tomatoes perfect for salads to hearty beefsteaks ideal for sandwiches, the variety of tomatoes you can cultivate in your hoophouse is vast. Irrespective of the type, you'll notice that hoophouse-grown tomatoes often have more vigorous growth and yield compared to their outdoor counterparts.


Peppers, particularly sweet and hot varieties, thrive in the heat and humidity of a hoophouse during summer. The controlled climate sustains ideal growing conditions, allowing peppers to develop rich, vibrant colors and flavors. With a hoophouse, you can grow everything from sweet bell peppers to fiery habaneros. Treating peppers to the warm, stable environment of a hoophouse often results in higher yield, larger fruit size, and extended harvesting, making them an excellent addition to your summer hoophouse crops.


Eggplants are another great choice for your summer hoophouse. These sun-loving plants appreciate the warm, stable conditions that a hoophouse provides. Eggplants are notorious for their long growing season and the hoophouse environment can help speed up this process, resulting in an earlier and more abundant harvest. From classic purple varieties to unique white or striped types, you can experiment with a wide range of eggplants in your hoophouse. The sheltered environment also protects the eggplants from pests and diseases, ensuring you get healthy and high-quality produce all summer long.


Beans, especially pole and bush varieties, are an excellent choice for a summer hoophouse. These plants thrive in the warmth and shelter provided by a hoophouse, resulting in a robust and bountiful harvest. With a range of options from green to purple, and from speckled to striped, you can bring a vibrant variety to your hoophouse. Moreover, beans are excellent nitrogen fixers, enriching your hoophouse soil for future crops. Whether you're looking for fresh beans to enjoy throughout the summer or planning to dry and store them for winter, a hoophouse offers an ideal environment for growing beans.

Trust Roberts Ranch Hoophouses For All Your Hoophouse Needs

A hoophouse can be an abundant oasis of fresh vegetables during the summer. From tomatoes and peppers to eggplants and beans, the right crop selection will help you enjoy a continuous harvest throughout the hot months. Remember, the key to a successful hoophouse isn't just the structure itself, but also the careful planning and selection of crops suitable for the specific environment it provides. So why wait? Start planning your summer hoophouse today and reap the benefits of fresh, homegrown produce all summer long. If you have any questions, need assistance with hoophouse gardening, or you're looking to get started with hoophouse gardening, Roberts Ranch is here to help. Contact us today and let us support you in your hoophouse journey. Happy growing!



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