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hIGH-quality hoophouses for growers

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Roberts Ranch Hoophouses is the leading manufacturer of dependable and adaptable hoophouses, perfect for all production operations. Our hoophouses let you kickstart the growing season while allowing for an additional harvest before its conclusion.

They create a nurturing environment for flourishing plants, with various cover and ventilating options that make ventilation quick and easy. Also, the structures provide substantial protection from extreme weather conditions, enabling commercial farmers to get more crops of premium quality to market more quickly. If you live in Utah, Idaho, Colorado, or the surrounding areas, we would love to help you get started with your own hoophouse.

Why Invest In A Hoophouse?

Hoophouses are commonly called "greenhouses on steroids" as they protect the entire growing process: from germination to harvest.  They also extend the growing season, allowing farmers to take advantage of early spring and late fall weather not usually available in traditional greenhouses. They are also smaller versions of "high tunnels," which are larger, non-heated structures. Investing in a hoophouse yields many advantages. You have greater command over the cultivation process, and your harvests are more bountiful and of superior quality throughout all seasons.

“I have struggled getting fresh produce year round for years, and I am so happy I finally found Roberts Ranch! I purchased a DIY kit and I also got them to build for me! I am 100% pleased with this results of my purchase! The results it has left me with have been incredible! Thank you! ”

Leilani, Colorado


Our DIY products

Do you enjoy the thought of a DIY hoophouse? Here, you'll get the best solution for any project. Our hoophouses have various specifications and design options that adapt to your needs. Our two styles include Gothic and Quonset.


These structures are peaked in the center and taper towards both ends, creating a “gothic arch” look. The Gothic-style hoophouse allow you to grow in heavy snow load areas because the roof of the gothic causes the snow to slide off. And there is more opportunity for vertical growth of vegetables. Also, you can take advantage of more gardening space along the side length with improved accessibility.


This hightunnel is our economical product. While offering the same thermal growing benefits as the Gothic, it also handles high wind speeds due to a reduced surface area. The ribs on this structure are easy to construct and provide great space utilization.

Our DIY hoophouse kits come with everything you need, including ribs, posts, purlins, UV-protected polyfilm, and other accessories. Our team at Roberts Ranch Hoophouses can provide you with the exact measurements and design to fit your needs.

We Can Help If You Don't Have Time For A DIY Hoophouse

Allow our experienced team to BUILD FOR YOU! For an extra charge, we offer construction services for all hoophouses. This will simplify and be cost-efficient for you to savor the rewards of homegrown produce in no time. You and your family will know how the food on your table was grown, where the seeds or starts originated from, and will be able to choose whether to spray with organic or non-organics pesticides or herbicides. Knowing that you provide your loved ones with a safe and healthy environment will give you peace of mind.

When it comes to hoophouses, Roberts Ranch Hoophouses is the one to trust. Our commitment to excellence and quality provides our customers with the best products in the industry! We started as growers and have created hoophouses that meet the needs of the serious grower.  Let us help you get started today. Contact us for more information!


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