About Us

Roberts Ranch Hoophouses is currently located in Spanish Fork, UT. We have been in business since 2010. We decided to start building hightunnels to provide people with the ability to be self-reliant and free.  
Save a little money by starting your own vegetable seedlings or start a business to supplement your income.
Know for sure how your food is grown, where the seeds came from, and if they have been sprayed with pesticides and herbicides.
Engineered for strength and durability in inclement weather or snow loads, our hightunnels will protect your plants from the ravages of wind, hail, and pesky insects.
Our Kits are easy to build and come with detailed instructions as well as video links. If you still have questions, we are a phone call away.
Our goal is to supply growers with affordable, durable, quality hoophouses that extend the growing season providing year-round access to fresh food.