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Our Hightunnel kits are engineered and tested to be among the strongest in the Industry. 

  • 4 ft. Rib spacing is standard for all kits
  • Comprised of heavy gauge, large diameter tubing.
  • Purlins connect to the Ribs using a cross connector system which prevents unnecessary drilling into the Ribs
  • Gothic Hightunnels are engineered to withstand and shed high snow loads. 
  • All Kits are NRCS Approved


    • Height 

      •  13.5' at Peak 

      • 6' on sides. Ample room for working on the sides

    • Framing:

      • Ribs/Arcs - 4 ft. spacing, 1.875" OD 14 gauge galv. steel tube

      • Ground Post Anchors - 1.875" OD galv. steel

      • Purlin - (3) Full length purlins, 1.375" OD 16 gauge galv. steel tube

      • Hardware and Fasteners - Brackets, hardware and fasteners 

    • Poly-film Attachment:

      • U-Channel and spring for attaching plastic

      • 6 mil UV protected Greenhouse plastic for canopy and endwalls (Includes 4 year manufacturer warranty)

    • Rollup Sides:

      • Two manual ventilation cranks for side roll-up

      • Rollup Bars

      • Anti-billow Windrope and Hardware

    • Additional Resources

      • Shopping List for lumber and door (easily sourced at a local hardware store)

      • Instructions with YouTube video access

      • Drawings

      • Operating Manual for maintaining your Hightunnel


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