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The great state of Colorado has a lot to explore and plenty of outdoor activities that locals partake in. One of those is gardening and farming. Farming in Colorado can be challenging, but it can be done successfully with the right tools and resources. One of those tools is a hoophouse, which provides both shelter and protection for the crops, allowing farmers to maximize their productivity. At Roberts Ranch Hoophouses, we understand that farmers need these resources. We are growers ourselves and have grown for over 40 years both commercially and for the family table. The past 10 years we have grown year round in our hoophouses.  Our designs reflect what we have found to be necessary for successful hoophouse agriculture and floriculture. With these hoophouses we proudly provide an invaluable service to all Colorado residents who are interested in growing food or flowers, commercially or for yourselves.


DIY Hoophouse

Have you ever considered maximizing your growing ability? If so, you may be interested in a DIY hoophouse kit. With the correct materials and some basic construction knowledge, anyone can build their own hightunnel with ease. As a result, you'll have a sturdy structure that protects your vegetation from the harsh conditions in Colorado.

Here at Roberts Ranch Hoophouses, we offer two types of DIY construction: Gothic and Quonset.

The Gothic-style hoophouses have arch roofs that allow for excellent ventilation and better ability to shed snow. In comparison, the Quonset hoophouses have a rounded, budget-friendly roof that withstands extreme weather. Since Colorado has an unpredictable climate, having a reliable way to grow produce year-round is necessary. You'll be able to extend your growing season significantly and have fresh produce without using dangerous pesticides. And if you'd rather,  have our experts come build your hoophouse for you, that's another option you have. We will carefully construct your hoophouse to the appropriate specifications, making sure it is built to last and that it will keep produce fresh.


The climate in Colorado can become particularly challenging in the winter. When it comes to sports or athletics, outdoor activities can become nearly impossible. However, our hoophouses covering courts allow athletes to continue playing and practicing year-round regardless of the adverse weather conditions. If you want a way to enjoy doing what you love while reducing operating expenses, we've got you covered.


For years, Roberts Ranch Hoophouses has been a pillar of the hoophouse farming community. Our products are manufactured with the highest attention to detail. As a family-owned business, we expect the highest integrity and customer service for every client we serve. Whether you're just starting to produce your own vegetation or want an easier way to manage your greenhouse, Roberts Ranch Hoophouses is your best choice. Our team would love to discuss your next project in more detail. Get in touch with us today for more information or to request an estimate.

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