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Roberts Ranch Hoophouses proudly extends our services to residents of Idaho and the surrounding area. We have unique products that help farmers or gardeners in the local area. We have DIY hoophouses for sale, sports bubbles, and we can even come to your location to build your hoophouse. We're honored that you've considered our family-owned business for your next project!



Idaho locals who want to extend growing seasons, control how their food is raised,  and protect their plants from harsh weather conditions should consider hoophouses. They are better than a traditional greenhouse because they can be constructed with different materials and designs. Hoophouses are easier to build and maintain. They allow you to grow crops earlier in the season, and the enclosed environment protects plants from frost and wind. The indoor area creates a microclimate that encourages better growth.

A plastic cover provides the physical barrier between plants and insects, which reduces your need for dangerous pesticides that can harm your family and the environment. If you are considering building a new structure, we sell DIY hoophouse kits.

  • QUONSET DIY KIT- This DIY hoophouse has an arched frame that is easy to build with a few simple tools and some basic skills. This kit includes needed, hard to find materials, including a UV protected polyfilm, hoops and hardware. This kit is easy to install, and the attached instructions are clear and simple.

  • GOTHIC DIY KIT- A gothic-style hoophouse has an arched peak that provides  better snow shedding ability. During a harsh winter, snow load can be an issue for any hoophouse, but with a gothic-style design, the snow slides right off. This kit includes most of the materials you will need to build a gothic-style DIY hoophouse. A materials list is provided for wood and other hardware that is easily picked up at your local hardware store.

idaho sports court covers

Anyone who is a sports enthusiast in Idaho knows the weather can quickly become unpredictable. Whether it's blazing hot in the summer or frigid cold in the winter, you need a solution for your outdoor court to protect it from the elements. This is where our sports court covers come in handy. Our hoophouses allow athletes to play year-round, no matter what Mother Nature has in store. Get your court covered, and keep playing during any season!

Learn More About Roberts Ranch Hoophouses Serving Idaho

Let Roberts Ranch Hoophouses be your next great addition to the Idaho farming community. We can help you have great control over the environmental conditions and yield better crop quality. We're your preferred solution if you're looking for a way to maximize efficiency while reducing operating expenses. Feel free to contact us today for more information or to get an estimate for any of our products or services!

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